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If you’ve been a long time supporter of mine, then you may remember this blog is not my first one I’ve started. My very first blog Smokin’ Chix, I started with really no idea how to run it. I posted mainly food related content. I did it for fun, but what I should of done was used a free domain. Once my yearly fee needed renewed, I ended it because I couldn’t afford to keep it going. After Scarlett was born, I got the bug to start another one again under Paige McDivitt Blog. I had a lot interest in food, makeup, and obviously lifestyle and motherhood posts. I saw my amazing friend flourishing with her blog and I wanted to do the same, again not realizing what really went into actually running a blog. I thought, all you had to do was write content and the rest just came naturally. After a year, I was very discouraged, not receiving the viewership I wanted. So yet again, I did not renew my blog subscription. After awhile, I really missed sharing my recipes and my random tidbits to anyone who was reading my blogs, so I decided to start a YouTube channel. My thought process was all you had to do was get behind a camera and film, easy right? I thought it would be a much cheaper startup than getting another blog up and running. But, yet again, unexperienced Paige forgot about something rather important; quality. In anything you need quality equipment to run a successful business. I had nothing really for filming equipment, so I saved up my money and bought the cheapest “vlogging” style camera I could get. I started filming recipe videos and “What I Eat in a Day” vlog style videos. But just like my blogging it wasn’t getting the viewerships I wanted. So yet again I got the blogging bug and started My Little Irish Rose aka this here blog you are reading. I just needed an outlet to write things. I went through stages. I stopped creating YouTube videos and went blog post crazy, then I’d stop writing blog posts and film a bunch of videos. Now I feel like I am getting a better understanding of how all this works so I am trying my best to keep a steady stream of both. If you are coming from my Facebook, you sometimes may get annoyed or completely pass over the frequent status updates about all my new content. So I thought I would write a post geared towards you and tell you why I blog.


As many of you know, I am a stay-at-home mom. I love being a stay-at-home mom. But, when you don’t have a career (even though being a mother is a full-time job) and are strictly known as Devin’s wife or Scarlett and Charley’s (soon-to-be) mom, you kind of lose your own identity. I actually wrote a post awhile back about how my children gave me purpose, which is true they did. Being a wife and mother are my two greatest reasons for existence in this world. I always pictured myself as a mother, but still envisioned more for myself than what my life was starting to be. Just like being a mother, blogging and YouTube give me a motivation and a purpose to get up everyday. I feel if I help one person by either providing them a recipe for dinner or sharing my story to comfort someone telling them “they are not alone”. I feel like I have been successful in my day. I love that I get to incorporate my passions like cooking with the things I am known for like being Devin’s wife and Scarlett and Charley’s mom.


Going along with my sense of purpose; I get enjoyment out of both YouTube and my blog. If you don’t personally know me, you may not know that talking and writing are two of my favorite things to do. I could talk your ear off if you let me. So why wouldn’t I enjoy two forums that allow me to do these things? I love every aspect of blogging and YouTube. I love to wake up to e-mail responses from companies either seeking me out or responding to me to do collaborations (talk about excitement overload when I received my first one). I love coming up with topics to either write about or film. I love creating and editing videos. I’ve come to a better understanding, that this is truly an outlet for me. Some days I get really down that a certain video I worked really hard got seven views or a post didn’t do as well as another one. But as long as I still enjoy what I am doing I am not going to give up on it.


I will be honest here, I am nowhere near this scenario. But I know if I stay dedicated and work hard, I hope someday this dream becomes a reality. My husband works his butt off, so I can stay at home with my girls. If I am devoting this much time (I probably put in the same amount of hours as someone who works 30 hours a week at a job), I hope that I can eventually start financially supporting my husband and children. Social media forums are hard freaking work. I rely almost solely on my friends, old acquaintances, and family members for views. Which is why I spam my Facebook with new content. I am trying to gain an audience outside of this group (even though I am so thankful for those who already do read my blog or watch my videos). But, I have found that Instagram (aka the best way to promote yourself to the masses) is an ugly monster. I have been stuck at 215-230 range of followers since I started my blog ONE YEAR AGO.  After months of trying to promote myself, I realized if you don’t post high quality pictures, catchy captions, and often (at least 3 times a week) no one will follow you, or worse they’ll unfollow you almost instantly. So far this has been the biggest thing that has gotten me down about trying to make this a possible income. The biggest way to self promote yourself is the hardest, so I have been slow to gain views, readers, subscribers, and followers. Once I did figure this out, with some major helpful tips from my friend, I have been able to double my views on my blog and slowly gain more and more views on my YouTube channel. I am still a long, and I mean long, way from making money. But I have had a couple companies reach out to me and ones that responded to my own inquiries and have done a couple amazing collaborations. Which gives me the motivation to keep going to hopefully start making an income.

I really want to stress how thankful I am for each and every person who reads my blog or watches my YouTube channel. If you are someone that gets annoyed by my frequent postings, I hope this better explains why I am cluttering your newsfeed. I truly love doing this and I hope I can eventually make this a thriving career because it truly does give me a sense of purpose and enjoyment. I’m also motivated because in my life I have always quit when it gets hard. I am determined to not let this happen. So stay tuned for the big things I have planned for my two forums.



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