Weight Loss Update

*Just a quick update…

I have struggled with weight gain and issues since I hit puberty. I lost my fast metabolism, but not my appetite. I just kept getting bigger and bigger and feeling sicker and sicker in the process. I have tried every diet under the sun and all kinds of work outs. To be honest working out is not my favorite things, especially things like cardio which really attributes to weight loss.

As many of you know or have read, in March I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, but the worst thing about that diagnosis was I got on the scale for the first in probably 8 months and had found out I had gained an insane amount of weight.

Since my diagnosis I eliminated gluten from my diet (I’m not perfect and I love to experiment in the kitchen so I do cheat from time to time). I also tried the Keto diet, and although I am no longer doing this, I do contribute a bulk of my weight loss to this lifestyle. My current diet I would not recommend, I pretty much lost my appetite from being busy and stressed with day to day things. I really only eat one meal a day. So again, I do not recommend this form of weight loss AT ALL! But I would also say I am not starving myself. I honestly am not hungry until about 3 in the afternoon, at that point I’m ravenous and I’ll eat a small snack. Then eat a healthy portion at dinner and I am completely satisfied. But needless to say I got on the scale this morning and I have officially hit my first goal of losing 25 pounds. Seeing the scale read UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight is amazing, and I’m slowing gaining self-confidence back in myself, not to mention physically I feel so much better.

My next goal is to lose eight more pounds. This is my realistic final goal. But WHEN I get to this weight I would love to push myself ten more pounds to be at my “hot mama” weight. I’m a happy girl this morning.

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