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Week Two: Budget Friendly Meal Plan


I hope everyone enjoyed the first week of meals, whether you just read about it or incorporated them into your own meal plan. I’m back with the second week of the budget friendly meal plan. I will go ahead and just dive right in for our meal plan for Monday, June 11-Sunday, June 17th:

*Disclaimer: I have recently been going through my Pinterest boards and trying the thousands of recipes I have pinned, so a lot of these meals are not my own recipe!

Meal Plan (recipes linked):
buffalo chicken enchiladas
buffalo chicken enchiladas
dinner at my in-laws
burgers & tator tots
burger & tator tots
chicken, sun-dried tomato, & mozzarella sandwich with asparagus pesto
chicken, sun-dried tomato, & mozzarella sandwich with asparagus pesto

I completely forgot when I was making this week’s meal plan that we will actually be out of town on Saturday seeing a WWE NXT paper view for my hubby’s belated birthday gift. Along with that, we will most likely be celebrating Father’s Day with my dad and Devin’s dad on either Friday or Sunday or both days. With that being said, I will most likely not be making either Saturday or Sundays meal, but will leave it up for those who will be home and cooking those days! That meal will probably be reappearing very soon, because I was excited to make them.

Grocery List:
sour cream
chicken broth
1 jalapeno
1 Rotisserie chicken (or 1 lb. of your own cooked chicken)
Frank’s hot sauce
frozen corn (I am omitting this from the recipe because my husband isn’t a corn fan)
Mexican blend cheese (enough for 3 Cups)
flour tortillas
store-bought pico de gallo (or follow the recipe and make homemade)
ground beef
burger toppings of choice
burger cheese of choice
frozen tator tots
1 additional lb. boneless skinless chicken
block of parmesan
slivered almonds
bunch of basil
(or buy a store-bought pesto to save on cost instead of the items I italicized)
bread of choice
jarred sun-dried tomatoes
fresh mozzarella cheese
red onion

Per usual, I do not list items that are usually pantry or fridge staples (i.e. butter, spices, milk, flour, etc…), so make sure you pay attention to the recipes in case you are out of those staple ingredients. Also I highlight what I actually buy to give you an accurate amount of what I spend.

*I’m going to be honest with you, our last week’s meal plan did not get completely made. So I won’t be making ANY of these meals now. I also won’t be buying any of the groceries, but I am still going to keep bold what we would of bought. But I don’t have a price for you. I was sick, meals lasted longer than I planned, etc… So meals did not get made, but I wanted to still post something for you if you actually stick to a meal plan, unlike me!

Bon Appetite and I hope you enjoy this week’s meal plan!

(my heading photo is from the Belle Vie blog)



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