Ten Baby Names I Love

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately started looking at baby names. I feel like when I was still in high school I had hypothetical names picked out for my hypothetical children. I had a ton of names picked out for Charley, that Devin vetoed and have a few boy names I love that I’ll never be able to use. So here are ten baby names I love:


This was our name we were going to use if we had a boy. I loved it so much. The biggest reason being it was something that my husband came up with and if you knew my husband it’s kind of a big deal. Devin is someone who has opinions, but puts others in front of himself and goes with the flow. The fact that he actually came up with this name meant a lot to me. He also got it from a WWE wrestler, which just fits him perfectly. I wanted Charley to be Wyatt, but Devin only liked it for a boy name.


I am obsessed with this name. I love Irish culture and if Devin was big into his heritage I feel like I would of definitely gone with Declan. I mean how Irish does Declan McDivitt sound?


I really only love this name because it is the name of two of my favorite fictional characters. One being from the series “Vampire Academy” and the other being from “Anastasia”. I can’t be the only one who thought Dimitri in Anastasia was a babe? I am? Okay. Moving on…


I think this name is super cute. One of my favorite fellow mom bloggers that I follow, Heather, named her cute little boy this and I love it.


I strictly like Oliver because I so desperately would love to nickname my little boy Ollie


I don’t know why I love this name, but I do. It was one of the names that Devin vetoed.


There are two things I love in names; old names and boy names you can use for a girl aka Scarlett and Charley. Hazel was one of my names I loved, but Devin vetoed.


So this name is kind of funny to have on my list. You may be thinking, if you like this name why did you name your girl Charley and not Charlotte? Well, first of all, for sentimental reasonings. But, secondly, Scarlett and Charlotte are just too similar to have both your children named. But I obviously love that you can nickname a Charlotte either Charley or Lottie.


Cute. Simple. Enough said.


This was my great-grandma’s name. I never met her, but get told all the time that I remind people of her. I think it’s a beautiful name and also kind of love the idea of nicknaming a girl Evie.

I feel like this should be “Nicknames I Love”, but there is my list. Comment below if your child is named one of the names above or you plan on using the name for your upcoming child.






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