Scarlett as a Big Sister

I feel like I know exactly how Scarlett is going to be as a big sister. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I have seen glimmers of hope. But, for the most part, I think she’s not going to handle it well. Now I don’t think this period will last long at all. But when people ask her if she is going to be a big sister, her go-to answer is “NO!” I hope she completely surprises me, and I’m sure she will since I am writing this. I’m not just guessing this, she definitely gives me a few reasonings to believe she isn’t going to be too keen on her new baby sister.


Scarlett’s daddy is just that, her daddy. Now I thought I had a very strong bond with my own daddy, but I truly think there is no other relationship in the whole entire world that is as intense and as strong as Scarlett’s love for her daddy. The first time Devin held his new baby niece, Scarlett about lost her marbles. She was very territorial with Devin. I think she is going to have a really hard time when Devin holds Charley. I think she’ll be absolutely fine with me holding her baby sister, but daddy, that’s a whole other story.


Scarlett will be an only child for three full years, before we have her baby sister. She has had both of our attention 100% for those years. Even when we go to grandparent’s houses she usually has their 100% attention as well, as long as her other cousin’s aren’t there. I think it will be an adjustment for her to realize it’s not all about her. When she asks for stuff, she expects it to be done right at that moment. We have been working on this for quite some time. She’s going to have to realize that when her sister is here, mama can’t drop everything to start up her Paw Patrols every time it ends. She is also still very clingy for being a toddler, liking to be carried a lot. We have also been working on this, just because of me being pregnant and not being able to lift her as easily. But, I feel as soon as baby Charley is here, she’s going to revert back to wanting to be held all the time again.

We have worked really hard with her on continuously talking about her little sister. We ask her all the time what her sister’s name is. Where is her sister? Are you excited about your sister? She’s had a few of the most precious moments ever involving her baby sister. She excitedly showed off Charley’s ultrasound pictures to some guests of ours “look at my baby sister, she’s so cute!”. She has also kissed her “baby sister” aka my belly a few times and it’s melted my heart! Like I said, I think eventually Scarlett will be the best big sister there is, but, I don’t think it will be an immediate thing. I’m so looking forward to the adventures of Scarlett and Charley though. I think we are in for a wonderful ride!


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