Pretty in Pink

Well, ladies and gents, the McDivitt family is going to be all about pink! We went to our anatomy scan on April 12th and it came up roses when we found out we were adding a little girl to our family.

If you guys don’t know we are only planning on having two kids. Financially, that is most likely all we will be able to support. My body can barely handle the two pregnancies I am going through and went through, so I can barely even fathom going through a third. And even though I love kids and especially the baby stage, I think I can only give everything I have to two babies.

But it was no secret I wanted a boy. I wanted a boy HARD. It’s not to say I didn’t want a girl and I am absolutely thrilled to be having a pretty little girl. But I always pictured myself a boy mom. Which apparently Someone up above did not agree with! I wanted a boy for a couple reasons.

  1. Since we were only having two kids, I wanted to be able to experience raising both genders.
  2. I have only a brother, so it’s what I grew up with and I loved having a brother. But I also didn’t know what I was missing, so I am sure that will be the same for Scarlett.
  3. Scarlett is a daddy’s girl. The love she has for Devin is so intense, I sometimes feel like I’m intruding on something. I wanted a mama’s boy. But who’s to say that I can’t have a mama’s girl with our next one. I just have to make sure my husband, who is a girl dad through and through, doesn’t come into contact with our new little girl for at least 3 months until I can cement my bond on her. I’m totally kidding…or am I?
  4. I wanted a little mini Devin. I mean have you seen my adorable husband. Let me tell you he was even cuter as a baby and toddler. I just imagined dressing a little boy in skinny jeans, Neff hats, and v-necks and growing out his hair and just having a total mini Devin. But I mean Scarlett is turning pretty much into him. So now I need a mini me.

But other than that I am absolutely thrilled to be having a girl!

  1. We don’t have to spend as much money in the beginning with clothes. Poor baby girl will get a lot of hand-me downs. Of course, I won’t be able to resist getting some of her own things. But I am so excited to be able to use a lot of Scarlett’s old outfits, especially because she didn’t wear a lot of them.
  2. They will forever have a best friend…or so I hope! I know in the teen years, girls can be a little catty, but I know they’ll have each other forever.
  3. Devin will get two daddy-daughter dances and get to walk two girls down the aisle. He’ll have to also give two speeches which I am sure he is THRILLED about. I won’t have a mother-son dance. But I’ll hopefully be able to experience my grandchildren’s births, holding on to my baby girls’ hands as they bring beautiful children into the world.
  4. I may of been a daddy’s girl when I was little and I still am, but I am so grateful for my mother and the friendship we have today. If I am spending anytime with anyone outside of my kids and husband I am with her. I am able to confide in her, and talk to her about anything and I hope I can be that for both my girls.
  5. I am so excited to see Devin with two girls. Like I said, it’s sometimes hard not getting the complete infatuation that he receives from Scarlett, but it’s also pretty amazing to be able to witness it. It melts my heart how he loves her and she loves him and if it happens again so be it.

Our ultrasound went great. She was healthy and on track, which in the end boy or girl is all that matters. One amazing plus is she doesn’t have the same two prong vessel in her umbilical chord that Scarlett had, meaning about seven less ultrasounds! Even though I had hoped for a boy, I knew I was having a girl. Everything from my symptoms to my cravings are almost identical to when I was pregnant with Scarlett. During the ultrasound, our tech was having a hard time trying to find the gender, just like Scarlett. I knew for sure it was a girl at that point, even their ultrasounds were eerily the same with how the babies were acting. When the tech finally got the shot into view, I actually beat the tech to saying the gender, because I remembered what it looked like during Scarlett’s ultrasound. Most of my family was convinced I was having a boy minus a few people. My mom was pretty sure it was a girl. My cousin was pretty sure it was a girl, but that might of been more since she is having a girl, she wanted a little buddy for her baby. And my brother mysteriously had a vision the day we were telling them what we were having that I was having a girl. He may of just been fishing, and trying to get me to slip, but either way that’s the gender he chose to go with.

Now that I’m slowly starting to feel better I am going to try my best to do a better job documenting my last pregnancy. I apologize in advance, my photography is still a work in progress. But if you saw the space I had to work with and the amount of natural lighting you’d understand. But at least my models are and will be adorable.

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