Pregnancy Cravings

My pregnancies have been almost identical, even the cravings are exactly the same. Although, it’s really hard for me to give in to my cravings because of extreme nausea and this pesky aftertaste I have experienced. I still have quite a few. Also, did anyone experience an aftertaste while pregnant? Mine comes on after I eat or drink almost anything. But, it’s the worst with sugary things, garlicky, and bread aka three of my major food groups. Any tips of how to get rid of it? The only thing I have found is brushing my teeth, but it doesn’t help when I am not at home, and it truly is very unbearable.

But anyways, I figured I would list my cravings for any of those pregnant mama’s to see if we have some similarities.

Salt & Vinegar or Dill Pickle Potato Chips are one of my biggest cravings. I craved them with both babies. The acidity in the chips doesn’t flair up my aftertaste and the combination of salt and vinegar taste like the heavens above. I’ve recently been pairing it with homemade-ish French Onion dip. I say that because I pour Lipton’s French Onion mix in sour cream and mix it myself versus buying a pre-made one. But I make sure to only really eat that at home so I am near my toothbrush.

Dill Pickles or banana peppers, I feel are a very common pregnancy craving. But, again, they combat my aftertaste and taste so good to me.

Ice Tea is something that I have drank much more this pregnancy. I really try my best to limit my intake, because of the caffeine, but it’s the only drink that actually quenches my thirst without leaving a aftertaste. I try my best to drink water, but I have never been a water person. It doesn’t do anything for me to quench thirst, but I am definitely much better about drinking water when I am pregnant.

McDonald’s  Vanilla Iced Coffee is another drink I really try to limit, but is my little treat. I don’t feel horrible drinking McDonald’s coffee, because do you see the amount of creamer and ice they put in it? It’s pretty watered down and I feel like a medium coffee doesn’t even add up to the amount of caffeine your doctor’s recommend you drink while pregnant.

Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke, was an early pregnancy craving. I mostly drank this in my first trimester for both pregnancies. This is a weird one for me. All the foods above I eat while I am not pregnant, but just multiplied. But this one I only drink pregnant. I used to drink Diet Pepsi when I was younger. But as I grew up, I started to not like the taste of dark pops. So this is a weird one for me.

Ice cream,  all I can say is I eat a lot of ice cream when pregnant.

Cheesecake. This is horrible, but right towards the end of my pregnancy with Scarlett I legitimately ate a slice of cheesecake Monday-Friday on my lunch break when I worked a normal job. I would go to our local sandwich shop. Order a hot sandwich, dill pickle chips, and a slice of cheesecake. I just had a piece for the first time this pregnancy and I may of started something I shouldn’t of.

Watermelon is a HUGE craving for me. I will have two summer babies and unfortunately living in the Midwest we can only get really good watermelon from the end of June-August. But when they come into season I can eat a whole one by myself in one sitting. I can do that not pregnant, because watermelon is my favorite fruit. But it’s more of a dier situation of me getting my hands on a watermelon during pregnancy.

Mustard is a new craving for just my second pregnancy. Again, I like mustard. But I don’t actually put it on much. I am a mayo girl through and through. But for some reason, which I think has to do again with the acidity of it and tasting good with my aftertaste, I can’t get enough of it. I even put mustard on a BLT, which I feel is a little weird, since mayo is usually the only condiment that traditionally goes on it. But it was literally the best BLT in the world.

I think these foods are about it. I wish I craved things like broccoli or things that are healthy for you. I mean the only thing actually healthy for you is watermelon and that is probably not even the healthiest fruit option, because it’s mostly just water. But in my eyes, since I am sick all the time, it’s better to eat something than not at all. And just because I do crave these things, I still am eating healthy foods, I just tend to enjoy the above items above anything else. But I definitely am going to make a BLT  with mustard for dinner since I talked about it and now that’s all I can think about!

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