Potty Training

Potty training as been one of the hardest things so far about parenting. Take a very stubborn, set in her ways toddler and a mom who caves in and it’s a recipe for disaster. We started potty training Scarlett at two. She would do so well at first. But after about a week, she would refuse to even go near the potty. We used every trick in the book. We used rewards like treats and toys to bribery like “if you go potty we will go to Taco Bell”. We did this on and off for probably close to 6 months with no success.

Both my brother and I were potty trained by my grandma. She lived in the St. Louis area at the time so my brother and me would stay for a couple weeks in the summer. She got us both potty trained within that timeframe. She was going to be staying with us for a week after we had Charley so we decided to see if my grandma would have any luck. My grandma bought her an actual mini toilet and took her to pick out her own treats. She was so excited when she came home and loved her new potty. But, of course, when it actually came to using it she refused. My grandma tried all her tricks, but it was getting to the point that Scarlett was getting slightly traumatized and I didn’t want Scarlett to associate my grandma with something negative, so we decided to quit.

I truly believe that you can’t rush potty training and that they will only be trained when that child is ready. I also believe that my child specifically has always gone to the beat of her own drum, so it was just something we had to be patient with. She wasn’t even close to giving signs she was ready. The only thing she had now begun to do was actually tell us when she was peeing in her diaper. But every time we asked her to use the potty, she would almost have a complete meltdown. She still had full diapers after waking in the morning, she didn’t care if her diaper was wet at all, and she would tell us if she pooped, but it wasn’t dire that we change her. Scarlett has never necessarily been behind, but she just took her time accomplishing milestones. She didn’t walk till she was around 14 months and I fully believe she was capable, she just liked being carried.

After my grandma left, we didn’t really press the issue. We just let Scarlett be Scarlett. We had a lot of change recently happen and she was handling being a big sister and not getting all the attention so well, we didn’t want to risk it. A couple weeks later, we were hanging out in our living room when Scarlett ran back to her room and said she had to poop. I asked Devin to follow her and see if he could get her to use the potty. He actually did get her to sit on the potty, which was a new thing. She didn’t go, but Devin ended up putting underwear on her and told her if she had to go to tell us. Fifteen minutes later she runs back to her room and tell us she had to use the potty. She did it! We were so excited! Since then we have been off to the races, she has only had two pee accidents in her underwear in the four weeks she’s been working on it. She had one poop accident, which was a little traumatizing for her, since she still hasn’t gone poop in the potty and usually comes out asking for a diaper to be put on so she can poop, which I think is so smart she knows to do that.

She’s not 100% potty trained yet, but leave it to my child to pretty much train herself. She even goes now without even telling us. My number one tip is to just be patient. I felt a lot of pressure from others about Scarlett being potty trained, but you really can’t rush it. Some kids may benefit from being forced to do it, but a kid like Scarlett, it had to be a natural thing. Kids are so much smarter than we think and I think my kid is pretty dang smart.

I highly recommend the…

Summer Infant Potty

Scarlett is still scared of the big toilet, but she loves her little potty. It’s so realistic that I hope it will help transition her to the big potty. She loves flushing her potty and putting her “toilet paper” in it just like mama does.



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