My Top Newborn Essentials

I am working on a huge update to explain my absence, but in the meantime I thought I would make my list for my top newborn essentials. These are all thing I have found useful to us in taking care of our newborn.

I don’t use the diapers, but I love the wipes. I love that they mostly consist of water and I feel really clean up messes made in diapers. I also use them to clean Scarlett’s peanut butter face and dirty hands after eating.

So when I first bought storage bags, I bought the Kiinde brand because I loved the style and I bought an extension to pump directly into the bag. I loved the ease, but I found that the way the milk sat in the bag didn’t give me an accurate reading of the amount I pumped. I thought I was pumping 4-5 oz when in reality I was only pumping 2-3. The Medela brand wasn’t as accurate either. I have found the Lansinoh brand to be the most accurate. I pump in my bottles, so I know the ounces beforehand and write it on the bag. But, it’s still nice to have an accurate measurement shown.

This isn’t really for baby, but more for me. I am currently exclusively pumping (which I will explain in my update post). With pumping so much, it can be just as painful if I were breastfeeding. I chafe and get blister. Coating coconut oil on my flanges was recommended to me by our hospital’s lactation specialist and I use it ever pump. I still get the occasional blister, but it has reduced both the appearance of them and chaffing significantly.

I am absolutely in love with our Copper & Pearl Swaddle. It’s so stinking soft, stretchy, and super versatile. We use it for both a swaddle and a blanket so her carseat.

This was a big ticket item that my mom purchased for us, but I am so happy she did. Charley is a very cuddly baby and sometimes needs the comfort of her mama or daddy to sleep, but every other time she is in her bassinet. I love that she is right next to me at my bed’s height. It’s so easy to roll over and either soothe her, give her the pacifier she spit out, or grab her out for middle of the night feedings.

  • Head Turbans

This isn’t particularly a necessity, but they are so gosh darn cute. I mean look at my sweet sleeping babe wearing her’s we got from the Etsy shop Stella Jane & Co.¬†It’s so soft and the perfect color for fall.

I am so excited for this purchase. When we leave the house, depending on where we are going, I have to either bring my pump or only stay away from my house for a 3-4 hour window so I don’t become engorged and can pump. I bought a car adapter for my pump and now don’t have a time constraint, and it’s more private than bringing my pump inside and everyone know I am pumping.

Going with my car adapter, if we are on a long car ride, I have a cooler for my breastmilk again giving us no time constraint to get my milk in the fridge. The cooler pack it comes with stays cold for eight hours. It also came with four extra storage bottles for pumping.


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