My Baby Wishlist and Items I Love

So when I was trying to gather a list of things I want or need for baby #2  I was thinking to myself, “I wish people would list their wants so I could see what other people are getting for their baby”. So here is a list of everything I want or need for this baby!

So for Scarlett, I didn’t nurse all that long, but I’m going to try my very best to breastfeed with baby #2 (which you can read all about in my next post). So I need a good nursing cover. I love the 5-in-1 covers that serve as a nursing cover, car seat and stroller cover, high chair cover, and grocery cart cover.

My cousin bought  a MatiMati Baby nursing cover and has a coupon so I will either choose between that brand or the Pobibaby one I found  on Amazon before she had the coupon code.

My next thing that is a must is for sleeping. When I had my c-section with Scarlett, I wasn’t prepared at all since it wasn’t expected. I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to lay flat in my bed for quite a long time and had no real sleeping spot for Scarlett, because I just assumed she would sleep in her crib! I couldn’t have been more wrong! We spent the first months sleeping in our Lazy Boy recliner together, then in the Pack n’ Play bassinet (in our bed), then in a sleeper swing, then in a Boppy pillow (in bed). None of these were the safest option for a baby in her first year of life and I never got sleep. I was so paranoid something would happen. So I was looking into two options; the Dock-a-Tot or the Halo Bassinet. After researching a ton and going off my past experience with Scarlett and counting on sleeping in a chair for awhile, until I can comfortably make the transfer. I decided to go with the Halo Bassinet. Their description of their product sealed the deal when it says, the collapsable side is great for mothers recovering from a c-section. COUNT ME IN! Depending on funds, I want the one pictured above; it’s got all these great features. But there is a more basic model for about $100 less that would be perfectly functional.

The next item was recommended to me by my friend and it was also pretty high up on a list of the top whatever ring slings. I loved it because it says it’s great for warmer weather, which our baby girl will be born at the end of summer, but we usually have no fall and it’s hot until winter decided to rear it’s ugly head. Also, it is in a great price range! I had a few other recommendations, but they were way out of my range. I already have an Ergo carrier from Scarlett, which I struggled to put on by myself, but it was perfect for my hubby to use and we had a Boba wrap that I loved, but it was a lot of fabric. So this time I decided I am going to invest in a ring sling and I am going with the Wildbird brand one. But the other two options are also great if you have longer arms and are more flexible (Ergo) or don’t mind the access material (Boba).

This isn’t a must need item, more of a want. If baby #2 is anything like Scarlett, she will love blankies. Scarlett always carries around her “Troll blankie” and as a baby she always carried around blankets. I found this adorable water color floral blanket from Target from the Little Unicorn brand that I will probably be getting for baby #2. It’s Muslin cotton and will be the perfect size to use for her carseat and for her to carry around when she gets to that stage.

Swaddle blankets are a must! Scarlett loved to be swaddled. I sucked at swaddling with actual blankets, but I just need a refresher course. I did use both swaddle blankets and the velcro ones. Just depending on the situation. If she was awake I would attempt to swaddle her with a regular blanket and if she was restless in her sleep, I’d whip out our trusty velcro one and get her all snug as a bug. Any brand does well for swaddle blankets, I just recommend getting the Muslin cotton ones. Also be on the lookout at places like TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, they usually have packs of three that are cheaper than most places.

I have a lot of items that we already own from Scarlett that we will reuse, like a Pack n’ Play, a swing, and a Boppy pillow. These are all items I also recommend getting in some form or another! I am extremely thankful I bought all gender neutral stuff for Scarlett, even though we are having another girl. We are able to reuse so many things. So excited to buy these new products that are either new and special to baby #2 or I didn’t think to buy for Scarlett.

Products numbered above: 
1. Little Unicorn Security Blanket
2. Little Unicorn Swaddle Blanket
3. MatiMati Baby 5-in-1 Cover
4. Ergo carrier (similar one)
5. Boba wrap
6. Pobibaby 5-in-1 Cover
7. Halo Bassinet cheaper version here

Other Products Mentioned:
Wildbird Ring Sling
Graco Pack n’ Play
Boppy Pillow
Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

*some products listed above are affiliate links only. All opinions are my own. No sponsored items listed.

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