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I have loved makeup for awhile now, but when I started this blog up I wanted to focus more around my daughter and my love for food, mostly because I didn’t want a jammed packed blog and also because I hate taking selfies of any kind. But then a company reached out to me and I had to give them a try.

Before I go into this brush I do want to say this is NOT sponsored, I bought these products with my own money. I am an affiliate though.  But before I promoted this company I wanted to try them out for myself.

Maybe a little over a year ago, or maybe even more Artis came out with these hairbrush looking makeup brushes. They were all the rage. But the price was not! They were steep. But I have always wanted to try them out. Well now I did and I didn’t have to pay the steep price that came with the Artis brand.

Mikasa Beauty reached out to me and I had to try them out! Mikasa Beauty is a new makeup brush company stationed out of Canada, hence why my brushes took a week for delivery. But worth it! They have a huge selections of brushes, sponges, and the Techni brushes (hairbrush looking brushes). They sell them seperately or in kits. They also sell Bodyography makeup products, CND Nails, and Esqido lashes. I haven’t tried those products YET! But I have heard a lot of things about Esqido lashes on YouTube.

I ordered two of their brushes; Techni O6 and Techni O1. One meant for foundation and another meant for concealer or a liquid highlighter. I did my full face of makeup with these brushes and they did wonderful in all forms of application. I used the Techni O6 for my foundation and blush and loved how it looked. I felt like I used less product and it covered much better. I used the Techni O1 for  my concealer, highlighter, setting my under eye, and contouring. This, I have to say may of been my favorite way to do all of these things. I feel like my under eye concealer looked flawless and covered better. I have this red mark underneath my eye that usually doesn’t get covered with my usual routine and it was barely visible using the Techni brush. It sculpted out my cheekbones wonderfully and really made my face pop with the highlighter.

The brushes are 100% synthetic. They are super soft and dense and I feel like it didn’t suck up any of my product, which in the long run saves a lot of money.

I definitely could not recommend these enough. If you want to try them out they are also extremely affordable, but if you use my affiliate code of PAIGEEMC25 you can save yourself 25% off on your purchase. So head to Mikasa Beauty now and check out what they got!

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