Mama’s Little Girl

Since the day our sweet Scarlett Rose was born she has been a daddy’s girl through and through. Speaking from the perspective of a daddy’s girl myself, there is no better enjoyment to watch the bond my two peas in a pod share. Daddy hits Scarlett with a “Last Ride” (WWE wrestling move) into a bean bag and there is giddy giggles bursting out of her little body. They play together 24/7, whether it be Devin tossing her around or it be chasing her tirelessly through the house. But they also have their night time routine of snuggles, bath-time, & bed.

Devin has been putting Scarlett to bed since the very beginning. I get the morning snuggles and daytime hours and he gets the night time hours and bedtime snuggles. It’s what has been a comfortable routine between us with her. I of course still kiss her goodnight but Devin is the last one she sees when she goes to bed. Scarlett has one hands on daddy.

She’s obsessed with him. When he’s home, she wants nothing to do with me. She wants daddy’s undivided attention and can actually be a little tyrant when his attention isn’t solely focused on her. When Monday rolls around or even worse when we have a three or four day weekend, it’s hell getting her back into the routine of not having daddy around for the full day.

It never really upset me. For one I knew the attention was deserved. Scarlett is Devin’s whole world and he is hers. Of course she is mine as well, but there isn’t a bond more special than a father and his baby girl. Devin is also the fun parent, I’ll be the bigger person and admit that. But after awhile it was starting to really bother me. She was getting so attached to him that she would scream or cry or even hit me when I attempted to take her from him. I was starting to get a little hurt and a slight complex.

But then something just clicked in her. She is almost 2 years old and she just now started saying “mama” regularly. And now she says it in times of distress and when she needs me. I never thought hearing my child yell and scream “mama” could sound like music to my ears. She is starting to not immediately go to dad when he gets home from work. She makes sure to stay cuddling me for a bit longer. She reaches for me, loves on me, kisses and hugs me, which she used to do all that before but not when daddy was around.

Just today I got emotional talking to some family members and she was sitting on my lap. She saw my tears and asked me “okay?”. She then proceeded to catch my tear drops and then lick them. How does a child of her age, know that her mama was upset?

Even her everyday things as she is growing and becoming more verbal are precious to me. Like how can I resist when she cups my face with her hands, gives me her toothy cheesy grin and just simply says “hi”.

Being her mama is the biggest blessing and I’m so happy she’s a daddy’s girl. But now I can finally say I think she’s a mama’s girl too!

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