Holiday Gift Ideas for a Toddler

I thought it would be helpful to start posting some holiday gift ideas. I am going to plan on posting these once a week on Sundays, since for me Sunday is my day for perusing the internet. I especially want to help those parents, like me, that have no idea what to get my toddler who already has it all. These are things I have either bought for my own child, or am thinking of getting, that would be a great idea for Christmas. They are mostly gender neutral and I think both girls and boys would enjoy them. I’d say these toys ideas range from at least 2-5 year olds. Some can be for even older than that. I also tried to keep them in an affordable range, with a couple bigger ticket items. We usually get Scarlett a bunch of cheaper littler items and then one big item.

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    1. Little Tikes Trampoline- We got Scarlett one of these for Christmas last year, and a year later she still loves jumping on it. They have a ton of versions of these online, with slides and cages. So if you have the space and a bigger budget, you can totally go all out. But this style was perfect for my little one and she loves it still. $45
    2. Water Wow Pads- I just plan on loading Scarlett’s stocking with these. She got one from her great grandma for her birthday and she is OBSESSED with it. They are water activated coloring pads, that cause zero mess and are reusable. These would also be perfect if you are traveling for the holidays for long car rides or plane trips. pack of 3 $15
    3. Melissa & Doug Grocery Store– If we can swing it, and decide we have the space for this. This will be Scarlett’s big present. She loves helping mommy at the store and loves pushing the little cart at Kroger. I think she would love this and this will be a great present for both of the girls when Charley is old enough to play with it too. The only thing preventing me from getting this is the size and the potential mess it will cause. It’s my dream to remodel our basement and make it a little cozier down there so we can turn it into the girls’ playroom and be able to fit things like this down there. $178
    4. Big Wheel- Raise your hand if you were a 90s kid and had a Big Wheel. My grandparents had about six of them for all of us cousins. We would spend hours in their cement floored basement riding our big wheels. Hours of endless entertainment. I love the idea of getting Scarlett one to live out her mama’s childhood. $50
    5. VTech Kidibeats Drum Set- Scarlett got an actual mini drum set for Christmas last year and she loves it. I love her playing it, because she tries to be like her dad and it’s the cutest thing ever. But, with a sleeping baby sister, this seems like a better option for any of those musical toddlers. $18
    6. Aqua Magic Doodle Mat- My mom is getting this for Scarlett and I’m sure Scarlett will lose her mind. She loves to color and do artsy things and this is right up her alley. I will probably have fun playing with this too! $19

Here are some ideas for a toddler. I hope you find this helpful. I plan on doing a bunch of different categories, so keep an eye out for one that pertains to you!

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