Holiday Gift Ideas for a Baby

I feel like a baby is pretty easy to shop for, especially if you are that baby’s parent. My toddler will be the more difficult one to shop for, in my opinion. We plan on getting Charley mostly clothes, at her age, she has no clue what’s going on. But if you have to buy a gift for a baby anywhere from the 4-12 month range. These simple ideas would be great holiday gift ideas for a baby.

*as per usual, all gift ideas are linked in bold and are affiliate links.

  1. My First Soft Books are perfect for when a baby starts to develop and realize she or he has hands and can hold things. Scarlett loved hers as a baby. They are perfect for the car and would be a perfect stocking stuffer for a baby.
  2. Skip Hop Unicorn Activity Mat is absolutely great for any baby in the 4-6 month range, and maybe even longer than that. It’s so great for development. I asked for this one for Christmas for Charley, but they have several options for boys or girls.
  3. Stacking Cups seem so simple, but I swear these things make hours of endless fun for a baby. Scarlett played with these way past the year mark. They are so great for cognitive development and problem solving skills. I plan on definitely getting these for Charley.
  4. An Activity Cube is another great gift. For some reason the one pictured completely disappeared off Amazon, but the one linked is very similar. These keep baby’s hands busy for hours.
  5. This Rainforest Jumper is perfect for as soon as babies get better neck mobility and are tall enough to stand in it. Scarlett still played with hers when she was clearly way to big for it, but she loved it. This really saves a busy mom who needs to entertain their baby while they get stuff done and it’s fun for the baby too! We loved the one we got for Scarlett and we won’t have to buy one for Charley, but this is a must for any baby. This would be a great big present!

I hope you like these ideas and let me know which category you want next. What are you going to get for your little ones? You can find my Holiday Gift Ideas for a Toddler here.

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